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Locus IV

Submitted by mccaffer on Wed, 01/30/2008 - 5:22pm

Locus IV consists of the southern portion of Mound 1 and the field extending to the south.  Mound 1 is the largest mound in the project area, but features three modern house lots so has been subject to considerable recent disturbance/modification.  Locus III incorporated the northern side of Mound 1, but was determined to have been badly disturbed by recent excavation, including pot-hunting. 


Mound 1 operation 3

Operation 3


Excavations in Locus IV encountered a dense concentration of ceramics that covered a floor with wall in Operation 3.  Trenching down the south face of the mound failed to find any evidence for masonry construction, as had been suggested in some early discussions of Greater Nicoya architecture.

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