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Locus I

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Locus I was investigated in the initial 2000 field season, and again in 2004 and 2005.  It contains a low but extensive mound, identified from Healy's map as Mound 3.  Initial investigations included shovel testing and then five exploratory units.  In 2004 efforts concentrated on exposing the uppermost living surface, in order to characterize the material culture of the terminal occupation phase.

Excavation at Locus 1


Locus 1 floor exposure


In 2005, excavations concentrated on deep stratigraphy in order to encounter the earliest occupation levels, with the goal of characterizing the site history.  Deep excavation pits reached sterile soil at a depth of about 2.50 m.  Eight floor surfaces were encountered, and the earliest C!4 dates indicate that the earliest occupation dated to about 900 CE. 

Locus 1 deep stratigraphy


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