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Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/24/2008 - 2:11pm

Here are some photos of Project SIN in action.

Excavation at Mound 3

Excavation at Mound 3


Mound 6, Operation 3

Larry Steinbrenner supervises Operation 3 at Mound 6


Citlalli and Marlon excavating

Citlalli Reynoso Ramos and Marlon excavating


Larry and Meaghan digging shovel test

Larry Steinbrenner and Meaghan Peuramaki-Brown digging shovel test pit


2003 field crew

2003 Field crew


Angelica on screen

Angelica Lopez-Forment on screen with helpers


Celise brushing teeth

Celise Chilcote brushing teeth


GM and Jorge in lab

Geoff McCafferty and Jorge Zambrana in lab


lab at CIVITE

Lab work in CIVITE


GM and Bosco Moroney

Geoff McCafferty and Bosco Moroney


 Michelle Janse in lab

Michelle Janse in lab


Oscar in lab

Oscar in lab


Silvia Salgado and Ulises Chavez

Silvia Salgado and Ulises Chavez


Timmy Stuparyk and friend

Timmy 'Stuparyk and Ana Luisa


Shawn Morton and Jim Carr on survey

Shawn Morton and Jim Carr on survey


Bryanne Hoar in lab

Bryanne Hoar in lab


Crew in pit

Crew in pit


GM and Nora

Nora Zambrana and Geoff McCafferty in lab


Kendra and Jillian

Kendra Gill and Jillian Logee excavating


Edgar Espinosa and Luvy Pichardo

Edgar Espinosa, director of the Nactional Museum, and Luvy Pichardo


Marco and Jolene washing sherds

Marco Ortega and Jolene Debert washing potsherds


Dylan and Celise in truck

Dylan McCafferty and Celise Chilcote at truck


Lunch at CIVITE

Lunch at CIVITE


Cart with burial urn

Team work to move burial urn in cart


Dr. Ramon Vasquez and Dr. Jaime Marenco

Dr. Ramon Valdez and Dr. Jaime Marenco of the Rivas Museum


Rejane Bourdreau Rojas

Rejans Boudreau Rojas at end of season party


Salsa lessons

Salsa lessons


Sharisse excavating

Sharisse McCafferty excavating


Timmy taking notes

Timmy Stuparyk taking field notes


Tracy with munecas

Tracy Hydeman with Eva, Dorita, and Haley










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