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Tepetate 2008

In 2008, the PAGN project (Proyecto Arqueologica Granada, NIcaragua) excavated at the site of Tepetate on the northern border of the Granada urban zone, near the coast of Lake Nicaragua.  Project staff stayed at the Casa Colorado, near the Ex-convento San Francisco, while students stayed in dorms at the Sports College (affectionately known as the Zoo) near the site.  Lab work was conducted at Mi Museo; museum staff were integral to the project itself and several public lectures were presented in the Mi Museum auditorium.  Here are some photos of memorable events:

GM in pool at Best Western for orientation lecture


Brett, Francisco, Christine, Ligia, Sharisse and GM after late day excavating whole pots


Boat ride to Peder's island, with Valentina in front


Bosco directing Anielka at Locus 2


Christine and Keller at Karaoke


Crew in pool at Casa Colorado


Fernando excavating at Mound 1

Crew at Kathy's Waffle House


Excavations at Mound 1


Nicole in the field


Christine excavating burial urn in lab


Nica crew at Locus 3


Itxel and Barb at Toga party at the Zoo


Jorge excavating banana tree


Joseph reading up on Cholula ceramics


Julie excavating cow burial


Hanging mosquito net in Zoo dorm room


Mythbusting the 'golden crocodile'


Carrie and Brett


Sharisse and Jose Antonio excavating at Mound 1


Tanya outstanding in her field (with popsicle)




Oscar cooling down


GM and Joseph in search of petroglyphs on Mombacho volcano


Brett and GM discussing field strategy (really)


Sacha excavating


Running of the bulls in Granada


Volcano surfing


Sarah in deep pit at Mound 1


Sherd bags in Ex-Convento of San Francisco


Lucia and Silvia sorting ceramics at Mi Museo lab

Maria, Karen and Mario


Team Nica at Locus 3 burial site


Central American team members




San Juan del Sur at sunset

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