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El Rayo 2009

Road construction at the tip of the Asese peninsula revealed remains of a prehispanic cemetery, designated El Rayo.  Excavations at the site consisted of three loci, including the cemetery, a residential area, and another ceremonial burial zone.  The field team again consisted of a mix of Canadian, Nicaraguan, and Costa Rican archaeologists and students, and also included a group of students from El Salvador.  The team stayed at the Casa del Alto hotel in Granada, while the staff stayed at Casa Tranquila (where the lab was also located). 

GM lost in a banana field at El Rayo


Sharisse holding complete vessels from Locus 1



Carrie with machete


Brett at Locus 2


GM and SM with Salablanca family at Mi Museo reception


Silvia at Locus 2


Sacha with periform vase from Locus 3


Joseph at Locus 1


Ana on screen


Ariana and Armando with Lago Modelled vessel


Armando, Christa, Pamela, and Silvia washing pottery


Bosco cleaning turtle shell


Sacha checking notes in Casa Tranquila pool


Christa excavating multiple urns at Locus 1


Katherine and Douglas in the shade


Entrance to Salablanca property, and Locus 2


Escarleth and Jorge washing pottery


Fernando excavating burial urn with small vessel at Locus 1


Celebrating Keller at the Gran Francia


GM lecturing at Mi Museo


James in the field


Jamie beginning level at Locus 2


Johana and Nora in lab


Jorge with Pataky Polychrome vase


Katherine and Lorelei in doorway of Casa de Alto, with Carrie on guard


Kirrie excavating at Locus 1


Lunchtime at Salablanca house


Rice, beans, and bananas -- mmmm


Marcela and Rocio on screen


Bosco and Maria Lily excavating urns at Locus 1


Mario and Katherine on the road


Sacha in the maw of the Feathered Serpent



Mariano and Pedro at Locus 2


Vies of Mombacho Volcano from Casa Tranquila


Sharisse with small Lago Applique vessel



Nicole taking notes at Locus 2


Oscar on motorcycle


Pamela with plumb bob


Peder and GM at lecture in Mi Museo


Pineapple lamp


Sacha and Christa find yet another burial urn at Locus 1


Staff meeting at pool in Casa Tranquila


Sarah W excavating human maxila at Locus 3


Little Silvia excavating human remains in roadcut at Locus 1


Sharisse and Oscar excavating Pataky vase


It had to be done


Truckin' to work


Joseph as water boy


Volleyball in the pool at Casa Tranquila


Washing artifacts at the end of the day


William and Lorelei washing sherds


With Don Mariano at Salablanca house


Maria Lily receiving carved bone pendant from Yesenia


Farewell dinner at Best Western, Managua


Nicole and Brett with their Golden Crocodile awards


Sacha and Sarah with Golden Crocodile


In Lake Nicaragua

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