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Submitted by mccaffer on Sat, 03/13/2010 - 9:25pm

Between the Santa Isabel and the Granada projects, twenty-five new radiocarbon dates have been added to the Nicaraguan chronological sequence.  Almost all of these relate to the Sapoa period, traditionally dated between 800-1350 CE (  ), but several dates correspond to the late Bagaces period (300-800 CE).  Several dates from El Rayo support the 800 CE date for the transition between Bagaces and Sapoa, and the associated assemblages suggest that the transition was relatively rapid and the cnange in material culture relatively extensive.  Dates for the end of the Sapoa period suggest that settlements were abandoned by about 1250 CE, suggesting that that transition may need to be shifted slightly earlier.  Dates from the PAGN project include:


Beta-265450       1230+40 BP       AD710-870        AD 680-890

Beta-265451    N504 E499   L9     1220+60 BP       AD 690-890       AD 660-970

Beta-265453    N485 E460   L10   1030+50 BP      AD 980-1030     AD 900-1140

Beta-265454    N503 E480   L15    1430+40 BP     AD 600-650       AD 560-660

Beta-265459    N485 E460   L9       960+40 BP       AD 1020-1150  AD 1010-1170

Beta-265462    N504 E480   L7      1360+40 BP     AD 650-670       AD 620-690

Beta-265463    N505 E499   L6      1220+40 BP     AD 720-880       AD 680-890


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