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Student Clubs and Representation

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 3:00pm

The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology has three undergraduate and one graduate student-run clubs. These clubs are a great way to meet fellow students who share common interests. There are dozens of other student-run clubs at the Faculty of Arts, as well as a full listing of clubs registered with the Students' Union.

Faculty of Arts Student's Association (FASA)

FASA works in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and the Students Union to create events and create a community within the Faculty of Arts.

FASA representatives from our department for the 2017-18 year: 

Anthropology and Archaeology: Nan Hung (Alvan) Yuan
Development Studies: Ebenezer Belayneh

Graduate Anthropology and Archaeology Student Association (GAASA)

The GAASA is a formal association elected by graduate students in the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology. 

Please visit the webpage for more information:

Or contact at:

Archaeology Association

Chacmool is the University of Calgary's Archaeology Association. We are an undergraduate-run club, but are here for anyone with an interest in archaeology! You do not have to be a student to join. We are a seriously fun bunch and offer great events for socialization as well as workshops and volunteer opportunities to benefit you academically.

Be sure to check out our annual Chacmool Conference

> Twitter
> Club office: ES 826


The Kula Ring 
Anthropology Club

The Kula Ring is the undergraduate society for anthropology students representing socio cultural, biological, and primatology students. As a club, the Kula Ring strives to connect both students and faculty through events, fundraisers, and charity drives offered throughout the year. These are great places to meet new and diverse people, network with professionals, and engage others within the anthropological field.

On a smaller scale, the Kula Ring also offers book loans as well as a club hangout room with workspace available.

> Facebook
> Club office: ES 610

Development Studies Club

We are a group of students who are studying and interested in development issues both in Canada and abroad. We meet to discuss current topics in this field, share resources and listen to special presentations. For more information about joining and upcoming events send an email to

> Facebook
> Twitter
> Club office: ES 830
Office hours: Monday 11 am - 1pm, Thursday 3:30 - 5:30 pm.