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Aboriginal Youth Engagement Program

The Aboriginal Youth Engagement Program focuses on incorporating knowledge students have learned throughout their high school careers into real life applications commonly used in the discipline of archaeology. Because archaeology is an interdisciplinary field of study, borrowing concepts from a number of different disciplines, it is a unique medium in which to apply the core pillars of the Alberta Curriculum (i.e. mathematics, science, language skills, and social science). Through a number archaeologically themed activities and scenarios, high school students will engage with the past and increase their cultural awareness. These activities are designed to provide insight as to how an archaeologist interprets the past and will provide students with the basic skills needed to participate in a real archaeological excavation. Interactions with experienced archaeologists will provide students the chance to ask questions, explore personal interests, and potential careers paths within the discipline of archaeology. It is important to note that this program is flexible and activities seen in each section can be changed, added to, or adapted to the specific needs of a class.

If your school would like to participate in this program or you have any questions about the program, please contact our Aboriginal Youth Engagement Program Coordinator at