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Peter Dawson uses reality capture technology to create 3D digital records, preserve history >
Melin was honoured with the Early Career Achievement Awards 2017 at the ASP annual meetings last week.  >
Summer art course focuses on paleo art: fossil remains and extinct species and ecosystems.  >
State-of-the-art computer technology is being used to breathe new life into the fire-ravaged historic church. >
Skett is a post-doctoral fellow in Anthropology and Archaeology. >
Cara Tremain successfully defended her doctoral thesis today (August 9, 2017).  >
Gaukel teaching kids in schools and at the zoo over the summer.  >
Johnson and PhD candidate Sheila Holmes research and conservation efforts featured in UToday article. >
Cold war and future energy research focus of Associate Professor Saulesh Yessenova. >
Paris will be discussing her recent publication "Violence, desecration, and urban collapse at the Postclassic Maya political capital of Mayapán" >
The book is a compilation of articles from the past ten years of research.  >
Keating receives the Brian Hodgkiss Canadian Outdoorperson of the Year Award. >
New lemur exhibit helps to raise awareness of conservation efforts Steig Johnson involved with in Madagascar.  >
Amanda Melin is co-authour on recent publication in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  >
Porter successfully defended her MA thesis on June 6, 2017.  >