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Munro has been awarded a SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship. >
Congratulations to Michele Bianchi (PhD student, supervisor Sabrina Peric) who was awarded a 2017 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship. >
Professor Oetelaar has been studying this site for the past 17 years.  >
Ana successfully defended her doctoral thesis Wednesday September 21, 2017.  >
Brianna successfully defensed her MA thesis on Friday Sept. 15, 2017.  >
Shasta successfully defended her MA thesis on Friday Sept. 15, 2017.  >
Paleoart exhibit organizer Susanne Cote and artist Jan Sovak featured in CBC News piece. >
Dinosaur art exhibit on campus looks at artists' valuable contribution to the science of paleontology >
Aylward successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled "Investigating dispersal through molecular genomics: Sex-biased dispersal and phylogeography in aye-ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis) in... >
Holmes successfully defended her doctoral thesis "Sharing Space: Habitat Use and Spatial Relationships of Frugivorous Lemurs in Fragmented Forests” on Sept. 7, 2017.  >
Peter Dawson uses reality capture technology to create 3D digital records, preserve history >
Melin was honoured with the Early Career Achievement Awards 2017 at the ASP annual meetings last week.  >
Summer art course focuses on paleo art: fossil remains and extinct species and ecosystems.  >
State-of-the-art computer technology is being used to breathe new life into the fire-ravaged historic church. >
Skett is a post-doctoral fellow in Anthropology and Archaeology. >