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Dr. Amanda Melin was recently in Costa Rica studying capuchin monkeys to understand role of bacteria in human diseases. >
Our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Jane Kelley, passed away over the weekend. Jane, along with her late husband David, was one of the founding members of the Department of Archaeology of the... >
Dr. Cote granted the Faculty of Arts Teaching Award for new Teachers.  >
The workshop is titled: “The Gift of Death: Violent Conflict and Obligations of Care.” >
Cluny Fortified Village Archaeological Field School.  >
Summit calls for Pan-Arctic climate change monitoring >
Biennial Arctic Observing Summit co-led by Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary. >
Congratulations to Steig Johnson who co-edited the February edition of the International Journal of Primatology >
Dr. Duytschaever is the new Lab Supervisor for the molecular genetics lab headed by Amanda Melin.  >
Moms and infants have evolved ways to ensure survival, says new study co-led by anthropology professor Pascale Sicotte. >
Tamara Cottle and Darren Lund, professor at the Werklund School of Education, collaborated on a project that looks at proper nutrition from a social justice perspective. >
PhD archaeology student Margie Patton passed her Doctoral Candidacy Oral Exam today.  >
Joaquin Narvaez is the Director of the El Paraiso archaeological site in Lima, Peru. >
Dr. Reese-Taylor spoke about her contributions to the internationalization of the university. >
Dr. Bula Wayessa receives grant for his doctoral research.  >