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Congratulations to Garielle Brown on her successful MA defence on April 13th! >
We are happy to announce that Iulia Badescu (MA Anthropology 2011), has just been appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the Université de Montréal. >
Watch a new video about the site! >
Congratulations to Amy Rudkoski on her successful MA defence on April 7th!  >
Congratulations to Josie Vayro on her successful PhD defence on April 5th! >
Congratulations to Siu Kei (Eric) Cheng on his successful PhD defence on April 3rd! >
We are happy to announce that Ben McKay has been appointed as an Assistant Professor to the Development Studies Program for our position in Development and Sustainability. >
The Mystery of Our Human Story with paleoanthropologist Lee Berger (discoverer of Homo naledi). >
Dr. Fedigan attended the investiture ceremony for the Order of Canada in Ottawa. >
Dr. Melin is one of five University of Calgary researchers to be awarded a Canada Foundation for Innovation John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) award. >
Former grad helps implement new sustainability/conservation initiative.  >
New publication by Post-Doctoral fellow Urs Kalbitzer and colleagues. >
Title: "The Chiapas Highlands Maya and their Western Neighbors: Interaction, Identity and Exchange in a Cultural Border". >
Janice Eisenhauer (DEST BA Honours '99), ‎Executive Director at Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan is presenting the keynote address for International Development Week events being held on... >
Scat dog helping to find vanishing primates in China's mountain jungle. >