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Favreau successfully defended his MA thesis on April 16, 2019. >
Department graduate students bring home First and Second place Student Presentation Awards and Fist place Student Poster Award.  >
Alexander Wilkinson (Dr. Craig Gerlach, supervisor) addresses world’s greatest challenges through interdisciplinary sustainability research. >
Development Studies instructor Dr. Tatenda Mambo leads the way in sustainable food development.  >
Turner's useful app and its success are featured in the Spring Summer 2019 Alumni Magazine.  >
Bradley successfully defended her MA thesis yesterday (April 4, 2019). >
Aylward will be working with members of the NGO Planet Madagascar to conduct a rapid assessment of the lemur populations present, and local perspectives on resource use in Ankarafantsika National... >
Both graduate students received grants from Lemur Conservation Action Fund.  >
Dr. Naotaka Hayashi helps organize and participates in international workshop in Sapporo, Japan >
CFI supports project led by Arctic researcher Maribeth Murray to facilitate information sharing among scholars, Inuit, and others. >
Boak is receiving a J. B. Harley Research Fellowship to assist with expenses during her archival research in the United Kingdom. >
Associate dean Dr. Steig Johnson included in a National Geographic article examining the illegal sapphire mining in Madagascar and the toll it is taking on endangered lemurs in Madagascar. >
Nasiri's doctoral research examines the increasing prevalence of multi-partner kinship practices in Canada, tracing its significance throughout legal, economic, and social institutions. >
Dr. Kathryn Reese-Taylor featured in article exploring her research on gender and power in the Ancient Maya. >
Dr. Cheng has recently accepted a position at the Department of Cultural Resources and Leisure Industries, the National Taitung University, Taiwan. >