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Welcome to our new Archaeology Consultant in Residence: Dan Meyer (PhD)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Dan Meyer (PhD) will be our Archaeologist Consultant in Residence (ACIR) for the Winter 2018. Meyer is a full partner, President, and Senior Project archaeologist at Lifeways. He also coordinates many of its traditional land use or Aboriginal consultation projects. Dan is the Editor of the Alberta Archaeological Review, and has served several terms as the President, President‐Elect, and Board Member of the Association of Consulting Archaeologists.

Meyer has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology (U of Pennsylvania) and received his Ph.D. in Archaeology in 1999 (U of Calgary). Since 2001, he directed and participated in several Historical Resource Studies as a Project Archaeologist throughout the Eastern Slopes of western Alberta as well as throughout the southern Plains, Boreal Forest, and Foothills. He also has experience working at other sites across North America including British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Chiapas (Mexico), New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Vermont, and Yellowstone NP. Meyer has expertise in directing regional surveys and large‐scale excavations of complex, multi‐component sites. He has conducted extensive surveys for Lifeways’ forestry and mining clients, and has supervised projects that have recorded over a thousand archaeological sites in the last ten years. Many of the projects with which he has been involved have had Indigenous consultation or traditional use components, many prior to the implementation of official Alberta consultation guidelines in 2007.

Please join us in welcoming Dan in his role with us. A program of activities will be made available in January 2018. All students, graduates and undergraduates, will be welcome to participate.