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Karla Poewe publishes new book

Vogelstein Press, 2018.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A tragi-comic journey of fieldwork rooted in Sartre’s existential philosophy in which the person of the researcher -- by which is meant her past, her body, her emotional repertoire, as well as the priorities of reason and common sense -- plays the main role in organizing and executing the research process.

The book sits on ego-documents, like letters, diary entries, and notes of casual conversations in which the curiosity,  temperament, and thought of the people harmonize or clash freely with that of the researcher. Rather than cutting us off from understanding what is strange and past, this bias is a window that initially opens it up to us, making visible the fascinating Christian, Political Party, and Kinship dynamic.

The last chapter returns the reader to the ancient notion that rhetoric imitates life and nature, because nature has assigned to every emotion a look, tone of voice, and bearing of its own. It thereby invites readers to free themselves from the ideological lock-in of postmodern discursivity and, like the ethnographer, heed happenings while doing research.

Short bio: Prof. Karla Poewe, born 1941 in former Königsberg, East Prussia, is anthropologist and historian with focus on southern Africa and the development of National Socialism in Germany. She is Professor Emerita in Anthropology at the University of Calgary and has taught or held talks at the University of Toronto, University of Lethbridge, University of London, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Lancaster University, Honam University, Gwangju, South Korea, among others.

Published by Vogelstein Press, Calgary. 

ISBN 978-0-9949088-5-8 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9949088-4-1 eBook