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Congratulations Michele Bianchi!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Please join us in congratulating Michele Bianchi for successfully completing his doctoral candidacy exam on Jun 12, 2018. Sabrina Peric is Bianchi's supervisor . The title of his research project is “Old Memories, New Stories: Political Extremism and Identity in Post-War Bosnian Youth”.

A brief summary of the project (from Bianchi's proposal): "The objective of my doctoral dissertation is twofold: on the one hand, I will investigate the process of self-identification of the post-war generation of Bosnians living in Gradiška, a Bosnian town in the northern part of the country and administratively located in Republika Srpska, the ethnically Serb-identified entity of BiH. On the other hand, I will examine the relationship young adults have with the memory of the war, as well as with the post-war institutional framework. Specifically, this project asks: 1) How does the new generation of Bosnian Serbs recall the war that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 90s? How do they represent the war? 2) How do they use war memories in order to describe the social context in which they live and to narrate their lives?

These questions all begin from the premise that memory plays a pivotal role in defining individual and collective identity. I argue that the way that people understand the past always indexes both the presence of the individual in an actual present context as well as their always relational, temporal and fluid sense of belonging to a particular political, social, religious, ethnic, and cultural group."

Thank you so much to the examination committee: Saulesh Yessenova, Maureen Hiebert (Political Science), Charles Mather, and Petra Dolata (History). A special thank you to our neutral chair,  Gerry Oetelaar.

Congratulations MIchele!