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Congratulations to Matt Munro!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Congratulations to Matt Munro who has been awarded a SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Doctoral Scholarship for his research: "An archaeology of resistance and resilience in rural landscapes of southern Italy, AD 400-800". Munro is supervised by Gerald Oetelaar. 

Matt’s research is focused on landscape change in southern Italy during the transformation of the late Roman world into the early Middle Ages. His perspective is that of landscape archaeology, with a particular focus on the interconnections between rural society, the larger political and economic forces of change, and how they relate to the local environment. The motivations for these changes are framed within the concepts of resistance and resilience as they operate from the smaller scales of peasants and aristocrats living in the countryside to the much larger scales of long-term environmental change. The data for this project includes paleo-environmental data, historic texts, and the legacy of archaeological surveys and excavations that have occurred in southern Italy over the past 50 years. Matt hopes that by doing this research we can better understand how archaeological landscapes are conceptualized and perceived in the past and present, how rural populations respond to societal ‘collapse’, the levels and techniques of environmental sustainability in ancient societies, and ultimately provide a more contextualized understanding of the transformation of the Roman world.

Great work Matt!