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Congratulations to Adam Benfer on publishing latest edited volume of Chacmool Conference Proceedings

2017 War & Peace: Conflict and Resolution in Archaeology. Proceedings of the 45th Annual Chacmool Archaeology Conference.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Congratulations to Adam Benfer (PhD candidate) for the release of the edited volume of the proceedings from the 2013 Chacmool Archaeology Conference. As with the student volunteer run 50 year old conference itself, this volume was edited completely voluntarily by Benfer. 

Abstract: The 45th annual Chacmool Archaeology Conference, "War and Peace: Conflict and Resolution in Archaeology," continued the tradition of discussing problems and new innovations in the field of archaeology at the University of Calgary. Warfare and, by extension, the peace that follows it, are extensively interwoven into the majority of cultures in both the past and present. Due to the continued prominence of conflict within human history, archaeologists have often encountered a need to understand these cultural clashes. The 2012 conference discussed the topic of conflict in all its forms using an interdisciplinary and global perspective and the papers in these proceedings reflect that diversity.

Great job Adam!