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El Rayo

La Arenera is located on the outskirts of Managua.  It derives its name from a thick deposit of volcanic sand, the result of an eruption that covered a Tempisque period site.  Rescue survey and excavation of the site identified several burnt floors, presumably destroyed by the eruption, as well as ceramics and lithic materials.

Isla de Muertos is a small island in Lake Nicaragua, located near Zapatera Island.  It features several flat outcrops of volcanic rock decorated with elaborate petroglyphs.

Las Delicias is an important site located within Managua and impacted by urban development.  Rescue archaeology directed by Bosco Moroney and Oscar Pavon recovered numerous human skeletons and associated grave goods.  Two radiocarbon dates indicate that the site dated to the late Tempisque period.


San Cristobal 

Santa Isabel


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