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Locus 1

Submitted by mccaffer on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 3:25pm

Locus 1 was identified based on human skeletal remains and complete burial urns that were visible in the roadcut. Excavation units were placed over urns in order to recover their archaeological context, and other units were placed into the flat ground in from the roadcut at the base of hill consisting of volcanic boulders (Fig. 1).

Locus 1 contained a dense concentration of Sapoa period mortuary remains immediately above earlier Bagaces materials, including primary burials. This locus represents one of the best contexts yet discovered archaeologically for the interpretation of the Bagaces to Sapoa transition (see also Locus 2).

One of the first features discovered was seen in the road cut. Feature 4 was the lower portion of a fragmented burial urn. In its base were poorly preserved human skeletal remains, with the skull as the most easily identifiable because of teeth. Lodged between the upper and lower jaw was a large chert lance point (Fig. 2).


Locus 1 Feature 3 with detail of lance point

Figure 2: Feature 3 with detail of lance point above lower jaw


Adjacent to Feature 3 was a Sacasa Striated shoe-pot urn that was designated Feature 6. It had an everted Castillo Incised bowl over the orifice as a lid (Fig. 3). Inside of the urn was a complete Papagayo Polychrome vase (Fig. 4). Just to the east of Feature 6 was another urn (Feature 12) and several miniature vessels, including a small Lago Modelled olla with an applique face (Figs. 5 and 6). Two other Sacasa Striated shoe pots (Features 29 and 30) were located just west of Feature 4 where they were wrapped in tree roots (Fig. 7). Feature 29 contained two complete vessels, including a minature tripod bowl.(Fig. 8).

Feature 6 with Castillo bowl

Figure 3: Feature 6 Sacasa Striated shoe-pot with Castillo Incised bowl covering


Sharisse McCafferty with Papagayo vase

Figure 4: Sharisse McCafferty with Papagayo vase


Features 6 and 12

Figure 5: Features 6 and 12 with miniature vessels


Lago modelled olla

Figure 6: Lago Modelled vessel from Feature 12


Feature 30

Figure 7: Feature 30 shoe pot beneath roots


Feature 29 with small vessels

Figure 8: Feature 29 with small vessels inside


 An excavation unit at N403 E498 encountered two three more shoe pot urns (Fig. 9).  These also included miniature vessels inside (Fig. 10), including another Lago Modelled olla with a face (Fig. 11).  Near this cluster of urns were two poorly preserverd human skulls.  

Features 13 and 20

Figure 9: Features 13 and 20


Features 13 and 20 with small bowl inside

Figure 10: Features 13 and 20 with Papagayo bowl and large rock inside


Sacha holding small Lago bowl

Figure 11: Sacha Wilke holding Lago bowl




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