University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch AreasResearch Interests
Photograph of Lindsay Amundsen-MeyerLindsay Amundsen-MeyerResearch InterestsMethod and Theory in Hunter-Gatherer Research, Spatial Analysis and Spatial Statistics, Plains Archaeology (Specifically Canadian Plains), Geographic Information Systems, Landscape archaeology
Photograph of Adam BenferAdam BenferResearch InterestsCentral America, Landscape archaeology, settlement patterns, water transport, Seascape, Geographic Information Systems, Archaeology of Lower Central America and South America, Complex societies
Photograph of Richard Thomas CallaghanRichard Thomas CallaghanResearch Interestswater transport, tropical lowlands, Human Ecology, Boreal Forest, Caribbean
Photograph of Susanne CoteSusanne CoteResearch InterestsPaleoecology, Africa, Paleoanthropology
Photograph of Nicholas Christopher DavidNicholas Christopher DavidResearch InterestsEthnoarchaeology, Europe, Africa
Photograph of Peter DawsonPeter DawsonResearch InterestsSub-Arctic, Hunter-gatherers, culture contact, 3D Modelling, Arctic, spatial analysis
Photograph of Dan HouserDan HouserResearch InterestsAnthropology of industrial professions
Photograph of M. Anne KatzenbergM. Anne KatzenbergResearch InterestsSkeletal biology, Paleonutrition, Paleopathology, Physical Anthropology
Photograph of Brian Patrick KooymanBrian Patrick KooymanResearch InterestsFaunal analysis, Paleoethnobotany, Lithic use-wear
Photograph of Diane LyonsDiane LyonsResearch InterestsEthiopia, Vernacular Architecture, Household, Gender, Identity, Ethnoarchaeology, Africa
Photograph of Geoffrey McCaffertyGeoffrey McCaffertyResearch InterestsCeramics, Mexico and Northern Central America, ethnohistory, historical/colonial archaeology, Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, social complexity (especially gender and ethnicity)
Photograph of Amanda MelinAmanda MelinResearch InterestsForaging behaviour, colour vision, socioecology, dietary selectivity, invertebrate foraging, capuchin monkeys
Photograph of Julio Mercader FlorínJulio Mercader FlorínResearch InterestsHunter-gatherers, Africa, Geoarchaeology, Paleoanthropology, Paleoethnobotany, Paleolithic Archaeology, Paleoecology, Lithic analysis, archaeometry, Scientific Applications to Archaeology
Photograph of Remi Jean-Christophe MereuzeRemi Jean-Christophe MereuzeResearch InterestsDigital Humanities, Arctic
Photograph of Michael MoloneyMichael MoloneyResearch InterestsMaritime archaeology, Shipboard societies, spatial analysis, Seascape, Coastal geomorphology, LBA Aegean ship construction
Photograph of Shawn MortonShawn MortonResearch InterestsMaya, Mesoamerica, Central America, Caribbean: Pre-ceramic and Ceramic
Photograph of Gerald Anthony OetelaarGerald Anthony OetelaarResearch Interestssettlement patterns, Archaeology of Eastern Woodlands, Method and theory
Photograph of Karla PoeweKarla PoeweResearch InterestsPolitical Religions, National Socialism, Post-WWII refugees, History of Anthropology, Global-Local Cultures, Ethnography
Photograph of James Scott RaymondJames Scott RaymondResearch Interestsethnohistory, Andes/tropical forest, South America
Photograph of Melanie RockMelanie RockResearch InterestsMedical anthropology, science and technology studies, health promotion, diabetes, animal-human studies., Ethnographic research (including participant-observation, interviews, document analysis).
Photograph of Warren WilsonWarren WilsonResearch InterestsAmazonia, nutrition, children's health, human adaptation, Biological Anthropology
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