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Warren Wilson

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I am a biological anthropologist who tries to understand what influences health in developing countries.  In doing so, I consider health in light of physiology, culture, and evolution.   I include culture as decades of research have demonstrated that behaviour strongly influences health and that only by understanding cultural contexts can we begin to provide sustainable solutions.  I include evolution as it can explain both why bodies work so well and why many aspects of bodies seem to be so vulnerable to failure.  My early work focused on children in urban Colombia (1992-1993), Amerindians in both the Colombian Amazon (1993-1997) and Guyana’s rainforests (1999-2007), and refugees in Canada (2008-2009). From 2010-2013, in collaboration with Jason DeCaro (U. Alabama), I initiated and ran a project documenting health and its predictors among mothers and their children in Tanzania.  In 2014, in collaboration with Barbara Piperata (Ohio State U.), Kammi Schmeer (Ohio State U.), Jason DeCaro (U. Alabama), and Comunidad Connect (Nicaraguan NGO), I initiated and continue to run a project exploring maternal and child health in rural Nicaragua.  In this we consider the relationship between an array of predictors (e.g. food insecurity, social capital, sociodemographics) and an innovative model which captures the cumulative impact of environmental challenges on overall health (allostatic load).  The immediate outcome of these projects is the identification of barriers to maternal and child health in these regions, which in the long term should lead to the development of new evidence-based and locally-relevant solutions.

Curriculum Vitae


  • PhD - Archaeology
    University of Colorado-Boulder, 1997
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