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The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology embraces an integrative approach, with a focus on the fields of archaeology, biological anthropology, and social and cultural anthropology. Our faculty shares a belief that study and research must be grounded in rigorous training, as well as extensive field experience. Therefore, we engage in active field and lab investigations in regions throughout the globe: Western Canada, the circumpolar North, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Research interests:

Archaeology: Bioarchaeology, ceramic analysis, development of complex societies, digital archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, faunal analysis, geoarchaeology, heritage management, human-environment interaction, landscape archaeology, lithic analysis, paleoethnobotany, paleoanthropology, spatial analysis, social identity.

Biological anthropology: Behavioural ecology, bioarchaeology, conservation, ecology, health and nutrition, human osteology, sex difference and reproduction, paleoanthropology, population genetics, primatology.

Social and cultural anthropology: Anthropology and militarism, anthropology of sport, behavioural ecology, environmental anthropology, indigenous people, medical anthropology, natural resources and the environment, political economy, sustainability, urban anthropology.

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