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ANARKY Talk: "The Lower Jumpingpound Creek Archaeological Project… Almost Four Years On!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 12:00pm
Earth Sciences 859

Jeremy Leyden, Doctoral Student

Abstract: Although severe, the 2013 southern Alberta floods were by no means an unprecedented occurrence. Following a pattern uncannily reminiscent of past events, the recent flood waters exposed a number of archaeological sites including an area of particular significance along Jumpingpound Creek flowing out of the foothills northwest of Calgary. These finds initiated almost four years of ongoing professional and academic research at this location revealing, among other things, a substantial bison hunting complex typified by massive bone bed deposits, drive structures, campsites, processing areas and related peripheral features. This presentation will summarize the key findings of the first four years of research at this locality and introduce important natural, historical, traditional and archaeological context that has helped to illustrate the potential significance of this place with respect to the past, present and future of the general region and its inhabitants.

All welcome!

The ANARKY Talks are our weekly noon hour departmental lecture series that provides students and faculty the opportunity to present original research while honing their networking and presentation skills. We also occasionally have guest speakers from off-campus or outside of the department in the series.