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ACIR Roundtable: "The Historical Resources Impact Assessment Process in Alberta Explained in 45 Minutes"

Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 4:00pm
Earth Sciences 859

Dan Meyer, PhD. Archaeological Consultant in Residence

The Historical Resources Impact Assessment (HRIA) process has evolved over the years, and now involves several potential steps, guidelines, documents, and even an Online Permitting and Clearance (OPaC) system.  For those interested in moving into the CRM field in Alberta and adjacent provinces, or for those just interested in how it is done, the talk and discussion will provide an introduction to the terminology, forms, guidelines, and systems in place ranging from the Listing of Historic Resources, through Statements of Justification, Historical Resources applications, and even artifact submission to the Royal Alberta Museum.  Many parts of this process are also relevant to anyone anticipating doing research archaeology as well.

All welcome.