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ACIR Presentation and Round-table Discussion: The Alberta CRM Cycle and Employment

Thursday, February 22, 2018 -
4:00pm to 5:00pm
Earth Sciences 859

Dan Meyer, PhD Archaeology, Lifeways Canada Inc., and Consultant in Residence, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology.

Despite it being mid-term, as thoughts of spring draw near, the minds of many students are turning to seasonal employment and the potential for jobs with a consulting firm.  The presentation will focus on the annual cycle of consulting in Alberta, and how an understanding of that cycle can help students prepare for seeking employment later in the year, or in subsequent years as their education progresses.  Additional topics covered will include some resume/CV/cover letter basics, seasonality and availability, and safety training.  The round-table discussion will provide an opportunity for students to make inquiries about the employment process, understand additional things they might do to prepare, address any concerns, or expose topics for suitable future discussion.  This presentation and round-table will be used in part to prepare students for the Forum on Employment in Consulting Archaeology to be held on April 7.  Please feel free to bring your CV if you would like some early pointers from an insider.  Undergraduates, graduate students, and other interested parties are welcome, as are students in other disciplines (i.e. cultural anthropology, development studies) that may be wondering what employment opportunities might be available to them in the coming years.