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ASA Lecture: "Domesticating the Arctic: Living with Dogs and Reindeer in the Yamal Region of Russia"

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 7:30pm
ICT 121

Robert Losey (PhD), Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta

AbstractDogs are reindeer and iconic domestic animals of the Eurasian North, yet little is actually known about their long-term histories with people in this vast region. This presentation will describe several ongoing projects in the Yamal region of the Russian Arctic, including studies of the advent of dog sledding, and artifact evidence for the domestication and harnessing of reindeer. The presentation will feature some of this region’s most spectacular archaeological sites, which have yielded the Arctic’s largest collection of dog remains, well preserved sleds and skis, and perhaps the earliest examples of reindeer harnesses.

Biography - Robert Losey is an associate professor at the University of Alberta. His primary are of interest is human-animal relationships, particularly in the north. Losey currently conducts research on dog and reindeer domestication in Siberia, where he has worked for the past 15 years. This summer he will lead an ethnoarchaeological project in the Yamal region of the Russian Arctic, focusing on the materials and practices of reindeer herding.

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