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Archaeology Beyond the Academy: Engaging the Casual Observer: CRM Archaeology in Public Spaces (AKA - No, We Aren’t Digging for Gold) and Roundtable Discussion: Publications, Public Education, and Outreach

Thursday, February 15, 2018 -
4:00pm to 5:30pm
Earth Sciences 859

Kendra Kolomyja, Lifeways of Canada 

Please note that due to the heavy snowfall, this talk has been rescheduled until February 15, 2018.

Working in highly visible public settings creates unique challenges and opportunities for CRM archaeologists. Recreational users in public park settings in particular often take the opportunity to stop and ask questions about the project and any interesting discoveries. This level of visibility can make CRM workers the public face of archaeology for an audience who may not engage with historical resources otherwise.  How CRM archaeologists manage these chance encounters has the potential to impact public opinion and to increase community support towards our larger goals of protection and furthering understanding of archaeological and historical resources.  Kendra’s talk will serve to set up the following roundtable discussion on the role of CRM in public outreach, public perception, and professional dissemination of research.

Kendra Kolomyja is a Project Archaeologist with Lifeways of Canada, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Association of Consulting Archaeologists. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from the University of Calgary and her Master’s degree from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She has worked as an archaeological consultant for over a decade throughout Alberta. In addition, Kendra has worked as a field school supervisor on archaeological projects in Malta and Jordan.

Presented by the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology and The Association of Consulting Archaeologists.

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