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ANARKY Talk: “Pre-Inuit Approaches to Settlement in Western Newfoundland: Comparing Seal Hunting and Technological Practices.”

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 12:00pm
Earth Sciences 859

Patricia Wells (Postdoctoral Fellow, Arctic Institute of North America).

The Groswater and Dorset sequentially occupied the west coast of Newfoundland where both exploited the large herds of harp seals that passed along the coast twice each year. With shared ancestry, hunting practices and technology, it is surprising that the groups chose to inhabit the region in distinctly different ways. While the Groswater maintained a small settlement of a few dwellings, the Dorset constructed a relatively extensive village with numerous, large dwellings. Expanding upon her PhD study of Dorset osseous technological practices, and building on research previously conducted at Phillip’s Garden, Patty presents the results of a broad study of Groswater seal hunting practices and osseous tool technology to characterize the nature of Pre-Inuit approaches to social life in the region.

All welcome!