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Archaeology Beyond the Academy Talk:A Tale of Three Rivers: 2015 Flood Impact Assessment Studies of the Sheep, Upper Highwood and Upper Bow Rivers

Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 5:00pm
Earth Sciences 162

Lindsay Amundsen-Meyer and Brian Vivian (Lifeways of Canada Limited).

In 2015, Lifeways completed flood impact assessment surveys of segments of the Sheep River, the Upper Highwood River, and the Upper Bow River. Lindsay and Brian will discuss the results of these surveys and how the sites and landforms identified compare and contrast with those recorded on the Bow River in previous flood impact studies. The distribution and density of cultural materials at sites impacted by flood related erosion will be examined to come to a larger, regional understanding of how these river systems were integrated into the Precontact landscape of southern Alberta and to identify differences in how the region’s river valleys were utilized by Precontact peoples. 

Presented by The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology and The Association of Consulting Archaeologists.