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Archaeology Beyond the Academy Talk: Geospatial Technology in Cultural Resources Management

Thursday, March 24, 2016 -
5:00pm to 6:30pm
Earth Sciences 443

Robin Woywitka, Colleen Haukaas, Jo-Ann Marvin, Courtney Lakevold, Erick Damkjar (Alberta Archaeological Survey)

Archaeologists were early adopters of geographic information systems (GIS) and today GIS plays an important role in cultural resource management in Alberta. It is used in the scoping and planning of projects, and forms the main framework for storing site, survey, and excavation data at the Archaeological Survey. This talk summarizes the uses of geospatial data and technology in the practice of cultural resource management (CRM), highlighting the types of data that are used and collected during a typical assessment project. A case study that illustrates how the data collected during assessment projects can be used to address regulatory and archaeological questions is presented, and the approaches adopted in Alberta are placed in a broader North American CRM context. The intricacy of working with legacy data, shifting Information Technology environments, and continually evolving technology is also discussed.