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Submitted by ktmsunde on Thu, 01/02/2014 - 12:00am


University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

November 7-10, 2014


The 2014 Chacmool conference theme “Breaking Barriers” will address cutting edge research in the advancement of archaeological theory, the use of new technologies, and new approaches to indigenous archaeology and ethnoarchaeology. A diverse group of international scholars, professionals and students are invited to present research that is shaping new directions for our discipline and that will engage archaeologists, ethnoarchaeologists, anthropologists, and indigenous peoples in understanding and conserving the material past that continues to affect our present world. Some archaeologists lament the fragmentation of archaeological theory in the past decade. Researchers are asked to address new approaches to break down the barriers of theoretical fragmentation and to re-open dialogue and debate. New technologies open new possibilities for research. Featured in the conference is three-dimensional imaging, a technology that has opened up new methods to conserve archaeological heritage and a new means to engage the public in virtual archaeological sites made available on the worldwide web. Indigenous archaeology and community archaeology are of fundamental importance to the broader relevancy of archaeology in the contemporary world. Critical to this project is the scholarly, social and spiritual engagement of indigenous peoples in the interpretation, critical evaluation and research prioritization of these pasts.

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