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Arts alumni are an accomplished crew. They have great advice for students and fellow graduates, and know that arts degrees teach skills that are sought-after in the professional environment. 

Travis Steffens BSc'04, MA'07 (Anthropology)

Travis Steffens BSc'04, MA'07 (Anthropology)


Dr. Travis Steffens completed a BSc (’04 Primatology) and MA (’07 Anthropology) at the University of Calgary. He continued his studies and completed a PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Toronto in 2017. Steffens' research investigated how habitat loss and fragmentation impact the occurrence of lemurs. As well as being a lemur researcher, he is also a Regional Director of the Explorers Club (Ontario/Nunavut), and founding Executive Director of Planet Madagascar. While Steffens has spent years studying primates in the wild, he now focusses his research on the impact of habitat loss on lemur species in Madagascar. He uses the results of his theoretical research towards applied conservation and community development initiatives through Planet Madagascar, a non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable forest communities in Madagascar. Because of all the great work Planet Madagascar has been doing, they are being featured by The Lemur Conservation Network as their organization of the month for July.  When not doing research or conservation he leads groups on wildlife tours in Africa. As an avid nature lover and photographer Steffens gives numerous talks a year about his research, conservation, and travels around the world. Check out his TEDx talk on how he became a primatologist.