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Alumni spotlight

Arts alumni are an accomplished crew. They have great advice for students and fellow graduates, and know that arts degrees teach skills that are sought-after in the professional environment. 

John Blyth BSc'06 (ARKY) and Adam Bathe BA'07 (ANTH)

John Blyth (Archaeology BSc) and Adam Bathe (Anthropology BA)


Adam and John are featured in this profile together as they both graduated from our department and went on to create their own company based on their mutual interests in 2010 ( Blyth and Bathe Inc. is a specialized consulting firm with primary interests and expertise related to archaeology, biology, traditional land use, and environmental education. They specialize in resource conservation, planning, management, assessment, and mitigation services to private-sector resource development projects, all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, and Aboriginal groups.

Adam Bathe has worked throughout northwestern Canada, Alaska, and Greenland on projects ranging from traditional land use studies to alternative energy feasibility studies. The majority of Adam’s experience has been in the field of environmental impact assessments. His experience has been in collaborative projects working with multiple First Nations to locate and document sites for the purpose of informing mitigation strategies and negotiations.

Recently, Adam has been working with community-based monitoring projects in the Inuvialuit and Sahtu settlement regions of the NWT and in northern Alberta, teaching field skills through the Environmental Monitor Technician Coordinator Program as well as offering other specially designed courses. Adam is currently doing his MSc in Natural Resource Management, through the University of Iceland as well.

John Blyth has a propensity for exploration in both his work and regular life. Having worked in every region of the NWT and parts of northern Alberta and BC, as well as in Nunavut, he has a depth of background experience and is very knowledgeable and adaptable in northern working conditions. John’s professional background stems from anthropology and archaeology. Due to the deep interconnectedness of culture and the environment in the North, his work has expanded to be closely associated with a diversity of fields in the environmental sciences such as biology, hydrology, and the regulatory and assessment fields.