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Senior level seminar course spotlight: Winter 2018

Ancient Mesoamerican Cities (ARKY 537)

In this course, students will debate the latest approaches to the study of cities and towns in ancient Mesoamerica. The course will feature a seminar format, with roundtable discussions and research projects.

Topics will include innovative approaches and important scholarly contributions to the field, such as: low-density urbanism, urban sustainability, meaning and the built environment, the relationship between city and polity, states and empires, housing, urban networks, and the study of neighborhoods and districts.

Prerequisites: Any two of Archaeology 341, 343, 345 or 347.

Winter 2018
Tues & Thurs 15:30-16:45
Instructor: Elizabeth Paris

Conference Course in Primatology (ANTH 505.13)

This seminar course will examine the principles of evolutionary genetics with a focus on applications to current topics in Anthropology such as behavior, life history, adaptation, migration and disease. We will explore the contents of the primate genome as well as human and non-human primate genetic variation in an evolutionary framework and discuss the latest advances in molecular techniques and their applications to addressing fundamental questions in biology. Special topics include sensory adaptations, gene flow and migration, and conservation genetics. Key concepts will be illustrated using examples pulled from literature on humans, non-human primates and other animals. We will use a textbook, as well as discuss primary literature and have several guest lectures by experts in evolutionary genomics.

Prerequisites: ANTH 311 and one additional senior Area III primatology course and consent of the Department.

Winter 2018                                       
M 14:00 – 16:45                   
Instructor: Amanda Melin