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Archaeology 505 - Topics of debate

One of the goals of the course is to expose students to how archaeology theories are being used in contemporary research, in contrast to a more historical approach to theory. We start with the current issues of major anthropology journals, such as Current Anthropology and American Anthropologist, and critique articles from the past five years or so. The specific topics vary, in part to accommodate student interests. You will learn how to critically examine and engage in discussions of current articles and research.

In addition, we also work through some of the simulation problems from the Archaeology Workbook to exercise problem solving skills useful in conducting research.

Finally, the course is intended for students to prepare for graduate work or develop an Honour's Thesis, so we address practicalities of research design, planning, use of bibliography, etc. If you are intending to go further with your archaeology education – this course will be invaluable to help you to prepare the skills needed.

Fall 2017
Mondays 15:00 – 17:40
Instructor: Geoffrey McCafferty