The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology admits graduate students at the Masters and doctorate level. For information about admission at the University of Calgary: Graduate Studies, Anthropology, and Archaeology

All my graduate students work at BFMS. I tend to select students who have an undergraduate degree in anthropology or in biology, and who have already some field or some research experience.

Current Students

  • Edith Potvin-Rosselet: “Female social relationships in C. vellerosus”

  • Josie Vayro: “Female polyandrous mating as female counter-strategy to infanticide in C. vellerosus

  • Stephanie Fox: “Male-infant relationships in C. vellerosus.

Former Students

As Supervisor

  • S. Parsons Blair MA 1999 “Ranging behavior of male orangutans.”

  • T. Snaith MA 1999  “Behavior of juveniles orangutans upon reintroduction to the wild.”

  • L. Dietz-Linder  MA 2002 “Visual monitoring in captive lowland gorillas.”

  • A. MacIntosh MA 2002 “Resource competition and inter-group encounters in C. vellerosus.”

  • Sarah Marteinson MA 2003 “Affiliation in C. vellerosus.

  • Sarah Wong MA 2004 “Colobus vellerosus in a fragmented landscape: Population status and habitat quality.”

  • Tania Saj PhD 2005 “Ecological influences on the social organization of Colobus vellerosus at Boabeng-Fiema Ghana.”

  • Nicolette Porter MA 2005 “Diet, Activity Budget, and Ranging Behavior in Lowe’s Guenon (Cercopithecus campbelli lowei) in Ghana.”

  • Lauren Brent MA 2005 “Infant Handling in Colobus vellerosus.

  • Evelyn Tan MA 2006 “Diet and Nutrition of Colobus vellerosus.”

  • Julie Teichroeb PhD 2009 “The effect of male mating strategies on female grouping patterns in Colobus vellerosus.”

  • Bright Kankam PhD 2010 “Colobus population dynamics and forest change in a fragmented habitat in Central Ghana.”

  • Lisa MacDonald MA 2011 “Infant development in Colobus vellerosus”.

  • Julia Badescu MA 2011 “Effect of female kinship and relatedness on infant handling in Colobus vellerosus.”

  • Teresa Holmes MA 2011 “Population dynamics and gene flow in a fragmented habitat: the case of Colobus vellerosus.” Co-supervisor: Nelson Ting.

  • Eva Wikberg PhD 2012 “Relationships, relatedness and residency patterns in female Colobus vellerosus.” Co-supervisor: Nelson Ting

As Co-supervisor

  • T. Saj MA 1998 “Human-vervet interactions in Entebbe, Uganda.” (Supervisor J. Paterson). Received NSERC post-doc and Tomlinson post-doc at McGill U.

  • P. Uwengeli Licence 2000, Université Nationale du Rwanda. “Essai d’exploration des conceptions et des attitudes des rwandais vis a vis des espaces sauvages: Cas de la forêt de Nyungwe.” (Supervisor D. Mbonyinkebe).

  • Karoline Guelke MA 2003 “Food choices in the Peruvian Andes.” (Supervisor Warren Wilson)